Saturday, September 7, 2013

all good things come to an end

Sunflower photo Tamarak Nature Center
Well, Summer, I suppose this is "Good-Bye". You have been a good friend - please come back soon!!
That's kind of how I am feeling these days. I hate to see Summer go but am excited about the Fall at the same time. Did you have a good Summer?
I'm posting a few photos from some little hikes we took here and there over the last three months. My camera stayed home for most of our outdoor adventures this year and I regret that but I did manage to snap a few shots here and there. The top photo is from our Labor Day venture to Tamarak Nature Center (loved that place!) and the lower one is from Minnehaha Falls.
minnehaha falls hike photo
Peter started fifth grade last week so things have already started shifting a bit at home. The BIG change comes Monday when Adam starts kindergarten. I've never been so happy and so sad about something at the same time in my life! It is the weirdest feeling. In a way I feel like I'm losing my job that I have had for ten years which, as you might imagine is a little disorientating. So far I think I have done a fairly good job of stopping the 'second guess machine' in my head from kicking into overdrive: did I use that time with my kids in the best possible way? was I patient enough with them? did I let them watch too much tv? did I hug them enough? - you know, all that. I could really start to tailspin if I allowed myself to do that so I am trying really hard to put the brakes on it from the get go. 

What feels really good is knowing that Adam is totally ready to start school. He could not be more ready, folks, seriously. Because he has a September birthday he is one of the oldest in the class and he has had two years of preschool. Having that kind of confidence in your child's readiness makes a huge difference. I remember having so many doubts when Peter started. He is on the other end of the age scale and is one of the youngest in his class - plus, since he is the first child there was just so much we didn't know. As a result I spent his first week of kindergarten alternately sobbing and biting my fingernails. Whew! I shudder just thinking about it. As a side note - it all turned out fine and he and I are both completely adjusted!

Still, there is a lot of sadness that comes along with this adjustment of course. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world that I was able to spend those years at home with my kids. Those years were: busy, exhausting, difficult... and also... rewarding, fun and magical. And, if I try to write any more about them I will get tears all over my keyboard so this is probably where I should end on that topic - at least until the passage of time gives me a little more distance from it.

So anyway, what does this all mean for me? Well, I will have some uninterrupted blocks of time which is something I haven't had much of in the last ten years. I just cannot even express how much I am looking forward to that and how many hopes I have for how that time might be used. One of those is to spend a little more time here with you all and perhaps even have some better photos to share. Brushing up my camera skills is on my 'to-do' list. I've been mentally constructing the 'to-do' list for years so as you might imagine, it's quite long. There are so many unknowns ahead as well. I'm intrigued and excited about that actually. I am looking forward to solving the mystery.

What is on your Fall 'to-do' list and what changes will the new season be bringing for you? 

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