Sunday, September 22, 2013

now we are six

In spite of my best efforts, my boys continue to get older and older including this guy who turned six on Friday. Does this mean that I don't have any 'little kids' anymore? I think so. That is good and bad I suppose. I'm not ready to say goodbye to the abundant amount of sweetness just yet. This is a child who will still run up and hug me and say "I love you mom!!" Yep, I'll never be ready to let that go.

His birthday celebration featured a trip to the arcade at the Mall of America where he was handed more coins than he could hold and was allowed to play any game he was tall enough to see. This was his birthday wish even though it sounds like a birthday dream from way back when I was six, right? He loved it and we all had fun really. It's too bad we don't have a photo of the four of us all lined up at the skee-ball machines. All that embroidery has strengthened my hand I think and let me just tell you, I'm pretty darn good.

There is nothing like the feeling of making your child's birthday wish come true and it's especially awesome when it is one as easy and simple at his was this year. My wish for him is that he will always be the happy, curious, affectionate guy that he is right now at this magic age. Happy Birthday Adam!

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