Wednesday, October 2, 2013

changing things up a bit

Snow Angel Holiday Ornament Handmade by SeptemberHouse
There is a new snow angel on the block. A new blond has hit the scene in her royal blue and mint green ensemble and she is ready for those first flakes to fly!
Hand Embroidery Holiday Ornaments by SeptemberHouse
I'm experimenting with some new photo backgrounds as well which is really fun. I have used the same setups for quite some time and I really want to see what other possibilities are out there.
Hand Embroidery Holiday Ornaments Snow Angel Design by SeptemberHouse
Aren't those little trees fun? Those poor little angels hated posing all by themselves and I am happy to give them a little company. Back to the studio for me for now but I hope you are all doing some creative experimenting as well!

1 comment:

Sandra F. said...

SO beautiful. My little angel hangs in the dining room all year round. She's just too special to put away.