Thursday, October 31, 2013

Illustration Friday: creature

Okay, so I only got to the sketch phase of this week's Illustration Friday topic, "Creature" but, hey, that is farther than I usually get. I always - every single week - do some brainstorming about the current week's topic and I love that creative exercise even if I don't always take it any farther.
But this week I did get a chance to take a few more steps. This sketch needs some work and many decisions and corrections here were left un-made  - I realize that - but it's at it's stopping point for now.  I had fun with it and I thought it was a great topic for Halloween week.
What are your Halloween plans? I think I am on candy duty again (distribution - not consumption - I promise!) After the kids are tucked in I will be parking on front of the tv and continuing my way through the Twin Peaks series. Vince had never seen it so he wanted to watch it and even though I have seen it (ages ago), I got sucked into it again. Have you seen it? Creepy....and kind of funny...and just weird. Perfect for Halloween.

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Pam@SerendipityWoods said...

Oh! I just love your work! So sweet :)