Friday, October 25, 2013

my alpine adventure

Snowflake Chalet Hand Embroidery Patterns A-Frame Cottage
I thought it would never happen but it did - I finished up a new pattern set today that was a LONG time in the making! Longer than I thought it would be for sure!
This new embroidery pattern collection is called "Snowflake Chalet" and is inspired by all things Alpine, cozy winter retreats, vintage ski lodge imagery and some of the good things about Winter. Yes, there are some good things!
Snowflake Chalet Hand Embroidery Patterns from SeptemberHouse
I included a mix of simple and more complex designs with the hope that this set would offer something for everyone but also would invite stitchers to veer from the stitch guide if they wanted and use the embroidery stitches and colors they like best.

Snowflake Chalet Hand Embroidery Patterns Vintage Ski Lodge Patches
Will I be hitting the slopes myself this year or jetting off to a Nordic getaway? Probably not but I certainly saw some amazing locations when doing research for these designs. Talk about making the most of a dreadful season!
I cannot wait to see where in the world my embroidery takes me next!


Miss Holly said...

Oh these are beautiful!!!! I want to get in the sweet little cottage!!!
I am one of the lovers of winter....I don't know why ..I just adore's cozy and peaceful to me....
Lots of embroidery time...!!!

Corinne said...

That is the right attitude to have - as a Minnesotan I really need to shift my thinking more that way :D
Thanks for the kind words!

sewphie said...

Love that mountain design with the running stitch - it's really striking

Corinne said...

Thank You! :D

Lee said...

Fabulous new designs!