Monday, November 25, 2013

on trend...who knew?

Hello from the workshop! I am sharing some mail that came my way today from my friends at Rainbow Treecare. We are sorta buds now since they logged some time (heehee - 'logged') at our house taking down two trees in the past year or so. Anyway, they sent out this holiday guide in which they explained that handmade (and specifically "embroidered") ornaments are trending this year. What a happy surprise for me and for anyone who loves to make their own ornaments. I have always liked the handmade ones best but I am glad to see them getting some appreciation from outside the crafting world.

How have you all been spending your November? Any Holiday gift making in the works? I'll be doing some scouting for project ideas that might make good gifts in the nest few weeks. That's enough time, right???  And of course I will be sure to share anything I decide to try and let me emphasize the word "try" here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if I don't post again before that. Haha - another joke there - we all know I won't post again before that. I mean we are close enough that I can just be honest, am I right? That what I love about our relationship!

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