Tuesday, December 31, 2013

adios, 2013

There it goes, another year races by and we spend these last few days (hours?) looking back, then forward, then back, then forward - whew! anyone else dizzy like me?

I will start with sharing some backward glances at the year gone by and some of my favorites from those 12 months. I hope you will share your favorites too!

I had the pleasure of reading a lot of wonderful books (and really only a couple of stinkers) in 2013. In fiction I loved A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki. The hint of mystery and maybe a touch of the supernatural made it especially appealing to me and there are some characters that you cannot help but fall in love with too so it's definitely a winner in my book. And speaking of characters to fall in love with - have you read Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward? Never in my life have a I rooted for a main character like I did the one in this book. And I won't tell you what happens to her - you have to read it!

In non-fiction in fell pretty hard for Augusten Burroughs' This Is How: Proven Aid in Overcoming Shyness, Molestation, Fatness, Spinsterhood, Grief, Disease, Lushery, Decrepitude & More For Young and Old Alike which was refreshing in it's brutal honesty and unapologetic style. I am a fan of that myself so this became a quick favorite for me. And if you are feeling ambitious I cannot recommend Far from the Tree by Andrew Soloman enough. What a wealth of information and insight that I would otherwise have never known! And the icing on the cake is the healthy dose of perspective that anyone - but especially parents - can appreciate. Also topping my list was Homeward Bound by Emily Matchar. Maybe the fact that it's focus is women in my demographic - or very close to it. Who doesn't like to read about themselves after all? If you are in the thick of the handmade movement and have ever thought, what exactly am I doing here? Then this book might be for you. I'll be honest, even though I absolutely LOVE what I do, I have wondered if it was what I should be doing and this book asked some of the hard questions that follow that initial query. When I closed the book I felt such gratitude for the author's willingness to ask some hard questions about the handmade movement and to provide some great insights as well.

I have such a long list of 'to-read's for the coming year, it's a bit overwhelming! What is on your list??

In movies and tv.... guys it was a pretty dismal year in my opinion. One small bright spot came in October when Vince and I took a trip in the way-back machine and watched all of the Twin Peaks series which, I admit, I became a little obsessed with. There is something about that show that sucks you in - you just never know what weird or funny thing will pop up out of the blue. That final episode though - folks, it's like watching a nightmare and it will freak you out for days...days I tell you. You have been warned. And movies... pheesshhh... I got nuthin' (or maybe I am just forgetting something - it wouldn't surprise me). Now, to be fair, I didn't really seek out any good ones and we dropped Netflix so it's no wonder I didn't fall in love with any films this year. Maybe 2014 will fare better for me. Any suggestions for new year viewing?

2013 came with some other small victories here and there as well. Once Adam started school, one of my hopes was to try to polish up some language skills that had been abandoned long ago. I studied Spanish in high school and college and actually really loved it. So, with a bit more time on my hands I tracked down some free online guides and am working my way through those. It's amazing how much comes back to you after years of non-use and it's also, at the same time, it's amazing how much does NOT. Weird but true.

All my goals for 2014 are just recycled from previous years - all those things that still have not been crossed off my list. That's okay though - the important thing is that I keep trying, right? I'm excited about the coming year and I hope it is fantastic for all of us!

See you in 2014!

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