Sunday, January 19, 2014

my initial reaction

One of the things I like about the dead winter (and there aren't many!) is the stretches of time you find yourself with. You can try out ideas that have been pushed to the back of your brain during more hectic months and you can explore new mediums and tools without feeling guilty about having other more pressing matters that you 'should be' tending to. I am trying to take advantage of that as much as I can in these dark weeks and one new thing that has come out of it are these new embroidered monograms.
Hand Embroidered Monogram with reverse applique by SeptemberHouse
These are made to fit in a five inch round hoop and have a happy mix of reverse applique and hand embroidery. They actually have a bot more of an art deco-y feel than I anticipated. I honestly didn't even realize it until I stepped back from them when they were complete.

Hand Embroidered Initials with floral motif by SeptemberHouse
These also gave me a chance to use one of my favorite fabrics: corduroy! I am really happy with the extra texture it gives these and the softness it adds as well. I think a lovely printed cotton - or even solid cotton - would work too so hopefully I will have a chance to try that out as well.
Aside from those there has been a lot of sketching, some really hideous pendant necklace designs - nearly all of which ended up in the trash can, some playtime with paperclay, and even a wee bit of sewing!
What have you been exploring this winter? (Or summer depending on where you are).

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Are you starting off your new year with some new projects? Before I can take on new ideas I have to do some house cleaning so here is my first little 'to-do'. I have been wanting to update my sampler magnets for quite some time and so it went to the top of my list for 2014.
Hand Embroidery Sampler Stitch Buttons by SeptemberHouse

There are three new color schemes. This photo above shows the "Hopscotch" color set which includes blueberry, apricot, sage green and sky blue
Modern Hand Embroidery Sampler Stitch Buttons by SeptemberHouse

This next set is probably my personal favorite. I called it "Treehouse" and it features a bright turquoise, tangerine, dark brown and light green.
Embroidery Stitches Modern Sampler Buttons by SeptemberHouse
And finally there is this sweet little combo that I like to call "Confection" - it just reminded me of a candy store or bakery so I felt something along those lines would make a good title.

Modern Hand Embroidery Sampler Stitch set of two by SeptemberHouse

I also have a two-button set option this year for anyone who just wants a couple of them. And finally, I changed up the packaging a little so now they are packed up neatly in metal tins which will protect them more during shipping and will make them a little more fun for gift-giving too I think.
I have more tweaking ahead of me as well as some brand new things I cannot wait to get a jump on.