Monday, June 16, 2014

a little holiday preview

I know, I know, the holidays are SOOO far away - who wants to even think about them when we all should be playing outside instead? I'm right there with ya, I really am. I am in love with my tiny garden, the extended sunshine and having the windows open in the house and Christmas seems a million miles away. EXCEPT that, in order to preserve some sanity, I have to have some key things in place before my boys get out of school and life becomes... shall we say "louder". One of those things happens to be holiday ornament designs.
Baby's First Christmas Ornament modern forest design Handmade personalized
So, I'm sharing a few 2014 goodies. I have a few new designs including the little forest ornament above. Non-traditional designs and imagery that doesn't scream "Christmas!" have always been attractive to me as a designer and also as a consumer but I worried that this one might stray too far from the Christmas spirit. Surprisingly though, several people I have asked, including my 6 year old son, have said it was their favorite of all the designs. So you just never know I guess.
Baby's first Christmas Toy Elephant Holiday 2014 personalized ornament
And here come the elephants. I have had so many requests for elephant ornaments over the years! I cannot believe it has taken me so long to put together a design like this one. 
I usually stick with a gender neutral color scheme so that it works for either boys or girls but for this one I wanted to change it up a bit and go with two different styles.
Baby's 1st Christmas Pink Elephant Holiday 2014 personalized ornament
 Check out those teeny tiny buttons....awwww!
Baby's First Christmas 2014 Ornament Modern woodland Bear
 You didn't think I would kick off the holidays without these guys, did you?
Baby's First Christmas Woodland Bear Holiday 2014 Handmade Ornament

Polar Bear Ornament Holiday 2014 Personalized Baby's First Christmas
And look - a new friend this year! I added a polar bear design to the mix this year. To be completely honest I tried so hard to get these guys out for 2013 and after so much trial and error the holiday clock ran out and I had to shelf it until 2014. I hope it was worth the wait!
2014 Baby's First Christmas Ornament in Modern Polar Bear Design
The snow angels are coming back this year but I am still struggling to get some good photos of those gals.
Thanks so taking a peek at these new holiday ornament designs! Now, let's all get back outside and enjoy Summer!!

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I love your modern styles!!!!