Wednesday, July 23, 2014

embroidery pattern premiere : Kaleidoscope

Butterfly hand embroidery patterns from SeptemberHouse

Hello patient So September readers! I am so happy to be able to share a pattern premiere today after what seems like ages since I have. Introducing, Kaleidoscope, a pattern set dedicated to some of my very favorite little creatures, butterflies.

If you didn't know this about me then I'll tell you now - I love butterflies. To this day, in my middle age, I will still gasp and exclaim, "look! a butterfly!" when one floats by. They simply never fail to amaze.

Butterflies hand embroidery patterns from SeptemberHouse

It's true that when some people think of embroidery and butterflies they think of 1970's bell bottoms with bright yellow and orange psychedelic butterflies stitched on the back pockets. It's my hope that I can add a slightly more modern feel to these guys. If you want to embroider them on your jeans though, I say "go for it!"
Butterflies hand embroidery patterns from SeptemberHouse

There are four of these beauties in the set. There might be a fifth little freebie included too - or there might not, I really cannot say *wink*. When I made my examples I used a natural linen fabric because I wanted a neutral background and well, I love natural linen. A strong outline was important to me with these designs so I began each one with that. Next I used a variety of filling stitches - mostly basics like satin stitch and chain stitches but also a few new ones- to add some bright colors.

Butterfly embroidery patterns from SeptemberHouse
These don't have a 'field guide' look to them but hopefully they provide another option for someone wanted to stitch up something like this for a DIY project or gift. There are lots of butterfly embroidery patterns out there and I think that is why I hesitated for several months with this set. I usually try to steer away from subject matter that I see a lot of in the crafting community and instead provide something that is more unique. If approached the right way, however, I thought that I might be able to give these guys a look that stood out a bit from the crowd and I am hoping I did just that.

And speaking of the impressive quantity of butterfly embroidery patterns available...

butterfly embroidery by septemberhouse

If you are familiar with the Stitches del Sol pattern set you will recall another butterfly pattern I designed for that set so I am not in completely foreign territory here. They have all been fun and challenging but I promise I will move onto something else after this - I swear!

hand embroidery designs modern butterflies
Before I close out I have to share how I titled this set. It wasn't easy - sometimes that is just about the hardest part of the process! So, I was spending a lot of time with a thesaurus and not having much luck. It was not until I did some more scientific reading into butterflies that I learned that a group of butterflies can be called a "swarm" a "rabble" or..... a "kaleidoscope". That pretty much sealed the deal for me and 'Kaleidoscope' officially emerged!


Julie said...

Oh my gosh! These are really beautiful. I can't believe I had not been to your website before, as I am constant on the search for embroiderers! I must have a look at your blog. Nice to meet you!

Corinne said...

Thank you so so much Julie, it's great to meet you too! :)

Ms Sharma said...

I too Love Butterflies. Your work is so very beautiful.
Oh so a group of butterflies are called kaleidoscope. I didn't know that.
Very creative designs. I also love the colours you have used.

Your blog is nice. Keep posting.

Ms Sharma