Wednesday, September 17, 2014

summer's last hurrah

Nothing like waiting until the very last second, eh? I have one last bit of Summer fun to share before Fall sets in. This is one that I worked on here and there over the course of the Summer. I've been giving myself a lot of digital challenges over the past few months and this was one of them. I wanted to create some interesting textures and color combinations as well as hone my skills at creating seamless patterns. None of that comes easy to me so I thought I might as well add a fun twist to it and here is what I created.
retro lawn chair fabric pattern by septemberhouse
It's a small collection of fabrics inspired by vintage fold-up lawn chairs from way back (you remember those, right?) Each one has that tell-tale woven pattern with colorful striped bands going this way, and conversely, that way.
retro lawn chair fabric DIY project by septemberhouse
The texture shows no matter what surface it's printed on but when you add a textured fabric or paper to the equation the look is really authentic. I used some of Spoonflower's woven wallpaper to cover a moleskine notebook and also sewed up a simple totebag with the linen-cotton canvas fabric.
retro lawn chair fabric tote bag project by septemberhouse
You can create your own retro lawn chair project with these fabrics available in the SeptemberHouse Spoonflower Shop. 
Farewell Summer - surprise us and come back EARLY in 2015!


Julie said...

Very cool fabric!!!

anniebeez said...


Corinne said...

Thanks so much! This was a super fun project :)

Glenda said...

Super cute! When I saw the thumbnail in my blog reader, I immediately thought of my favorite kind of lawn chairs . . . so then it was a nice surprise to click over and read your blog post and discover that's exactly the look you were going for =).