Tuesday, February 24, 2015

crafting confession #2 february

This post almost didn't make it online because at just month #2 I already have doubts about this whole crafting confession series. I liked the idea of it when I envisioned beautiful completed projects that I could share here on my blog. I had not really thought through what I would do on those months when my end results fall short of my expectations. But - the point was to have fun and try new things and I promise I am continuing with that mission.

This month I took on some basic beadwork. I was so excited about this one. What ended up happening though, was that I would end the month in frustration and my seven year old would end the month with a new favorite thing to do. I had not intended this to be a mother-son venture but once he saw me working with the beads he wanted to give it a go as well. The projects on the left are his and the ones on the right are mine. He started with perler beads and embroidery floss which worked beautifully for someone his age. We set up an embroidery hoop 'loom' found here - which again, worked great for him.

I used a really simple bead loom which also worked fine for me as a beginner. Somehow though, I was not happy with anything I made. I actually had another completed project but when I tried to put some jewelry findings on it to turn it into a bracelet the whole thing ended up falling apart. (grumble grumble). So I am left with just some practice pieces that may never turn into anything. Adam doesn't know what to do with his either. He just liked the process but didn't care what became of them (maybe I should take a lesson from him).

Please know that I am not saying that there is anything wrong with beadweaving. Just do a quick search online to see what amazing things can be done with it. My main problem (I think) was that I bought the wrong materials. They worked but with better beads and beading thread my odds of making something I could be happy with would be much greater. First there was a lot of sifting through information online about what to use (do you know how many different sizes beads, thread and needles come in?? good grief!). Then I assumed I could just hop down to my local craft store and pick those things up and well, I couldn't. So I got the next best things in the interest of time and the results reflected that. I would definitely do this again but I would purchase the right tools for the job.

So, there's my crafting confession for this month. I am glad to be sweeping up the last of the beads for now at least and moving onto next month's adventure - one that I confess, I am very intimidated by.


jeanne e. said...

i like your crafting confessions! i find i am similar in that i want to love what i make when i try something new...or i want it be awesome and perfect the first time out. then my husband usually has to remind me that it takes practice. but it is cool to see others trying new things! and posting pics of projects they may not be thrilled with...sometimes we forget that it is a process because everything we see on crafty blogs is perfect and finished and photographed just so. :) thanks for sharing!

TaNuja said...

don't worry... it'll be fine next time :-) you have worked upon it and it's beautiful :)


Corinne said...

Okay, I suddenly feel much better about posting my latest 'confession' even if it didn't turn out like I hoped. :) Personally I am a bigger fan of 'real' blog posts as opposed to polished perfection so I need to remember to keep that in mind when I post here on my own blog. Already the confessions series has overall been really FUN so I think/hope that starting this year long adventure was a good idea. Thanks for the encouragement!!

Anonymous said...

How neat that your son enjoyed it! It's fun having a cohort in [craftyness] crime =). I like how both sets of projects turned out!

For me, seeing in-progress pics and/or "not quite what I expected" pics (Instagram is great for both!) humanizes the blogger/poster =).