Thursday, March 26, 2015

pattern premiere week - holiday angels

Angel embroidery pattern holiday embroidery designs from SeptemberHouse

Hello again, I am sad to see these premieres come to close - they are so much fun. After months of tweaking in my quiet basement it is really exciting to let these patterns see the light of day! This last pattern set has a holiday theme and it's one of my favorite Christmas motifs - angels. You can find the Holiday Angels Pattern Set over at SeptemberHouse.

Angel embroidery pattern holiday embroidery designs from SeptemberHouse

Angels have found their way onto a few of my other projects in the past, mostly Christmas ornaments and I have always enjoyed coming up with ideas for these little gals. For this set I have three different embroidery designs and one more little freebie pattern too just for fun.

Angel embroidery pattern holiday embroidery designs from SeptemberHouse

Normally I put all my examples in hoops but I wanted to branch out a little more for these new pattern sets so one was sewn into a banner (don't you love that crochet lace trim?) and one was made into a stocking. Now, as you may already know, sewing is not exactly one of my superpowers BUT I used this pattern/tutorial that I saw on Pinterest and was able to sew this up without a hitch. A big thank you to Amy Smart for putting this wonderful tutorial together and for making it available for free - it is appreciated!

Angel embroidery pattern holiday embroidery designs from SeptemberHouse

Thanks for sharing premiere week with me. I hope to have some more projects to share soon! And yes, I am working on my Crafting Confession installment for March and I hope I can post about that next!.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

pattern premiere week - modern monograms

alphabet embroidery patterns by septemberhouse monogram patterns

Today I am revealing what has kept me so quiet over the past few months. After hemming and hawing over whether or not to take on a project this big I decided to give it a try. There are not one but three alphabet pattern sets now available at SeptemberHouse!

alphabet embroidery patterns by septemberhouse monogram patterns
starlight letter patterns
These are available as full alphabets or single letters (the single letter patterns have designs for all three styles but for a single letter).

alphabet embroidery patterns by septemberhouse monogram patterns
floral letter patterns
No, I did not stitch up examples for all 26 letters in each style (let's see, that would be 78 examples to stitch!) that might have been the end of my eyesight and maybe even my sanity. Hopefully the examples I did stitch give a good sense of how the style looks. There are some digital renderings on the pattern listings too so I hope that will be helpful too.

art deco alphabet embroidery patterns by septemberhouse monogram patterns
art deco letter patterns

The three styles I narrowed it down to were a floral style that is kind of swirly and fun. It has a few options for stitching too - the 'shadow' and the outline can both be omitted if that is preferred so it can be made a little simpler than it is shown. And art deco inspired design is also available. I love the way the colors look together on my stitched example but I confess, I had an inkling to try it in metallic gold or silver - can you imagine? That metallic thread can be so tricky though so I chickened opted out. You have to admit though - that would have really given it an art deco flair, am I right? Perhaps a bolder embroiderist will take on that challenge.

The last design is probably my favorite. It's the simplest but I think it's also the cleanest. I called it "Starlight" due to the starburst in the center (and because I could not think up anything else). I added some lengths of 1.5mm cording underneath my satin stitches to give it some added dimension and I LOVE the way it turned out. That is a really easy way to add a little something extra to your embroidery.

Thanks for taking a peek at these new designs, I am thrilled to be able to share them with you today. One more pattern premiere is coming this week!

Monday, March 23, 2015

pattern premiere week - Happy Houseplants

Hand Embroidery Patterns Happy Houseplants from SeptemberHouse

The time has finally come to share some new patterns from SeptemberHouse! Normally I focus on one set at a time but over the past few months I have experimented with working on several patterns at once. These Happy Houseplants are the first to debut!

Hand Embroidery Designs Happy Houseplants from SeptemberHouse

This collection of patterns is completely customizable. The set contains designs for eight different plants and eight different pots. Choose the combo you like, trace them together onto your fabric (or trace onto stabilizer - whatever method you prefer) and stitch them up. I added some stitch guides for the combinations I embroidered but there are so many more possibilities beyond that and I hope people will just have fun coming up with different color and stitch variations.

Hand Embroidery Designs Houseplant Mis and Match from SeptemberHouse

Here is a little close up of one of them. They fit in a three inch hoop as they are but the patterns can be enlarged or reduced on a printer or copy machine too. I think they would be cute in a little collection of hoops but I wanted to try a wall hanging idea I had too so I gave that a go for my example.

Terrarium hand embroidery pattern by SeptemberHouse

I also decided to include this friend that you might recall from a while back. It seemed to fit the theme and I hope people will find it to be a nice addition to this collection. It has so many different stitches in it as well as some experimenting that I did when I stitched it up originally. It can be embroidered with more basic stitches as well but if someone wants a challenge they can really have fun with this one.

Oh and I think there might be a couple of little freebie patterns too - or that might just be a rumor that is floating around. I really cannot confirm at this point *wink*

You can find Happy Houseplants Here.

Watch for more new pattern sets to hit the shop shelves this week!