Monday, March 23, 2015

pattern premiere week - Happy Houseplants

Hand Embroidery Patterns Happy Houseplants from SeptemberHouse

The time has finally come to share some new patterns from SeptemberHouse! Normally I focus on one set at a time but over the past few months I have experimented with working on several patterns at once. These Happy Houseplants are the first to debut!

Hand Embroidery Designs Happy Houseplants from SeptemberHouse

This collection of patterns is completely customizable. The set contains designs for eight different plants and eight different pots. Choose the combo you like, trace them together onto your fabric (or trace onto stabilizer - whatever method you prefer) and stitch them up. I added some stitch guides for the combinations I embroidered but there are so many more possibilities beyond that and I hope people will just have fun coming up with different color and stitch variations.

Hand Embroidery Designs Houseplant Mis and Match from SeptemberHouse

Here is a little close up of one of them. They fit in a three inch hoop as they are but the patterns can be enlarged or reduced on a printer or copy machine too. I think they would be cute in a little collection of hoops but I wanted to try a wall hanging idea I had too so I gave that a go for my example.

Terrarium hand embroidery pattern by SeptemberHouse

I also decided to include this friend that you might recall from a while back. It seemed to fit the theme and I hope people will find it to be a nice addition to this collection. It has so many different stitches in it as well as some experimenting that I did when I stitched it up originally. It can be embroidered with more basic stitches as well but if someone wants a challenge they can really have fun with this one.

Oh and I think there might be a couple of little freebie patterns too - or that might just be a rumor that is floating around. I really cannot confirm at this point *wink*

You can find Happy Houseplants Here.

Watch for more new pattern sets to hit the shop shelves this week!


TaNuja said...

These are very beautiful :)


Corinne said...

Thank you so much! :)

Zoe said...

These are so cute and pretty! Cant wait to stitch these up.