Wednesday, April 15, 2015

a bit of DIY fun

mosaic cuff darby smart

It's time for a bit of DIY fun - this one brought to you with a little help from some friends over at Darby Smart
DIY embroidered cuff materials

These cuff bracelets were made with some surprising materials (like small mosaic tiles) as well as some near and dear friends (like embroidery floss - of course). To make these I used: one blank vegan leather cuff, some small mosaic tiles, super gel adhesive, a lightweight awl by Clover, a micron pen, a needle and some embroidery floss.

embroidered cuff DIY tutorial

The first step was to just play around and come up with an arrangement for my tiles and embroidery. This was lots of fun because there are so many possibilities. I encourage you to try many different options before deciding on a final design. 

The tiles look pretty great on their own but I wanted to incorporate some stitching as well which I am sure comes as no surprise. You can add embroidery stitches however and wherever you like. They look great as an outline for the tiles, stitched over the top of the tiles, or as an independent accent. 

The tiles have a small ridge on one side and are flat on the other so I took that opportunity to incorporate some texture into my cuffs and used the tiles ridge side up. Either side will work though.

embroidered cuff DIY tutorial

After deciding on an arrangement I glued down my tiles using super gel adhesive. It provides a very strong bond but has a strong smell and dries quickly so I recommend working quickly and in a ventilated area if possible.

embroidered cuff DIY tutorial

I decided I wanted to mark my holes for the embroidery which takes a little extra time but I think it is worth it to insure a precise final look. A ruler can be used to space out your holes perfectly.

embroidered cuff DIY tutorial

Next I pierced through the cuff with an awl as a way to 'pre-drill' my holes. A needle just won't do the trick on it's own and the embroidery goes so smoothly once those holes are in place. You won't regret taking that extra step, I promise!

embroidered cuff DIY tutorial

My last step was to thread my needle with some embroidery floss and "connect the dots". The pre punched holes made this part a breeze. With that step complete I was all done. 

embroidered cuff DIY tutorial darby smart
Thanks to Darby Smart for being a part of this project! 

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