Monday, April 27, 2015

crafting confession april - hand carved stamps

hand carved stamps septemberhouse

I am here with another installment in my "Crafting Confession" series. This month I gave stamp-making a try and I had a ton of fun with this one! The good news is that this is a project that is both practical and easy to do. 

moo carve stamps by septemberhouse

I decided to make some stamps I could use on envelopes for packages or just letters. Since I was a little unsure about how difficult the carving would be I tried to stick with pretty simple designs. Making sure your image is reversed before carving is so important - especially if you have text incorporated into your design. Once I transferred my image onto the block it was time to carve away all the portions of the image that I did not want to print.

hand carved prints septemberhouse

The my final designs were carved using a basic carving set and Moo Carve blocks. I highly recommend using Moo Carve if you are a beginner like me. I actually tried another type of block that was a clear plastic. I thought that would make transferring my design and positioning my stamp easier. Plus, the label said that it 'carved like butter' I have to disagree with THAT. It turned out to be pretty stubborn and I found Moo Carve really does cut like butter. This makes the carving part of the project fun and easy but it also makes your block pretty delicate and I actually ended up accidentally nicking mine in a few places with just a fingernail. Still, I would definitely use it again.

I hope you had a chance to try a brand new technique or project this month. Thanks for checking out this month's 'confession'!


Kelly said...

So cute! Did you have to freehand the cursive lettering backwards? Or did you make some sort of transfer? I'm not sure my brain can work backwards like that!

Corinne said...

If this project required me to write in cursive backwards I would have had to skip the words because there is NO WAY I could pull that off :D. I let the computer do the hard work instead and just scanned in my art and reversed it when I printed it out.