Thursday, June 25, 2015

Craft Confession June Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering Spanish SeptemberHouse

It's hard to believe but I am nearly to the halfway point of my Crafting Confessions series and have managed to produce something every month so far. No one is more surprised by that than me. This month I took on the daunting challenge of hand lettering. You see it everywhere - it's so popular right now and how hard could it be, right? wrong! I humbly bow to those talented folks who can do this. I feel okay with this for my first try but there were a LOT of hours of fussing trying to just get it to this point.
Hand Lettering Spanish SeptemberHouse
The point is, practice makes perfect - and that is exactly what this says so it's kind of the perfect phrase to start with in my opinion. I packed this with even more significance because I have been working on learning Spanish for a couple of years now. I took it in high school and college but recently picked it up again once Adam started school. Choosing a Spanish version of a popular phrase made me even more motivated to working on this project.

Hand Lettering Spanish SeptemberHouse

And guess what - I actually DO practice it every day. I am having fun with it so that makes it easy to stick with it. I don't remember it being fun in high school but I put a lot more pressure on myself back then which makes a huge difference.

But back to hand lettering. I forced myself to keep away from my computer for this and I am sure that shows. Oh how very dependent I am on my computer to draw my straight lines and to space everything evenly. I suppose it's good to force yourself to use your own eyeballs and fingers once in awhile, right?
Would I try this again? Yes, I would. I would actually love to try this exact design over again (practice makes perfect you know!) For now though I should focus on a new adventure for July. I need to pick something I can do with my kids. Stay tuned for that!

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