Thursday, June 4, 2015

Crafting Confession #5 Polymer Clay

  polymer clay hair slides

I know you are too polite to say anything but yes, it's true, I am late with my confession this month. I had some photo issues and well, I also got off to a late start with these so there is that as well. I'm here and ready to share today though! I chose polymer clay this month and was really looking forward to it. I love looking through all the great colors and tools that are available for this medium and I couldn't wait to get started. Deciding what to make was the trickiest part. I wanted to make something I would actually use (I can be stubbornly practical that way) and something I had never made before.

polymer clay hair slides

I have eyeballed some of these beautiful hair slides on Etsy and thought a polymer clay version was definitely in the realm of possibility. I wanted to keep that open delicate look but with some fun color and clean designs. Hopefully I got close to achieving that, even if I didn't I had fun trying. (I did make a third one with a pretty stamped design that I planned to paint. The painting part did not go as well as I hoped so that one got scrapped.)

polymer clay hair slides

It did occur to me about halfway through this project that I would probably have to try to take a photo of these in use. I almost abandoned it right then and there - how was I going to get a photo of the back of my head?? Well, I tried but it ain't easy! This 'way too close up' version was the best I could do and I hope you will be kind enough to use your imagination a bit and fill in the blanks with these fuzzy muddy pics.

polymer clay hair slides

If you haven't played with polymer clay I would recommend it. It's an inexpensive and versatile medium that you can do on your own or with any young ones in your life. Like all my crafting experiments though, this one did also give me a new appreciation for those artists who do this really well. Creating pieces that are super smooth, highly detailed, strong and sturdy and beautifully color coordinated is not nearly as easy as it seems and I admire those who have mastered it.

As a final note I want to quickly share my small reservation I had with this project. As I tiptoe into middle age I have found that I am asking myself a lot of "am I too old for 'x'?", "am I too young for 'y'?" questions and I did the same with these. I must have known an older woman who wore these at one time in my life or something because there was a tiny voice telling me that I should maybe save hair slides for another decade, that maybe I am too young for an accessory like this. And then I said 'who cares' I like them right now and that's that. Still, that second guessing what is appropriate for my age is happening more and more, have you heard that tiny voice too?

Now I need to clean up all my clay bits and maybe even share some of my leftovers with my kids who are begging to make little monsters with them. Onto another crafting adventure!

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Hattie Hen said...

I know what you mean about the "am I too old for X or Y" issue. I'm with you; if you like it, wear it. x