Monday, August 3, 2015

Crafting Confession July - Cast Concrete

concrete casting DIY garden projects with concrete

Finding time for extra crafting during the Summer can be tricky around here. Luckily my boys generally like taking on new creative challenges - which is good because they are around so much more in the summer months. They are not as patient while I am preoccupied with photo editing and blog post writing but who can blame them - that's not nearly as fun as getting your hands dirty with a project like this one. For July we took on Concrete Casting! You'll see a little shallow planter above that we made with concrete. I just put grass in it but wouldn't it look great as a base for bonsai or moss?

concrete garden projects DIY

This project incorporated three of my priorities for this month 1. It had to be something that the boys could help with 2. it had to be an OUTSIDE project that would STAY outside and 3. It had to be something I had not tried before. Step one - we gathered materials. We found some goodies at a local thrift store and our recycling bin and we picked up some concrete at the hardware store. I tried it with the countertop concrete shown here and also with some regular quikcrete. I liked how both turned out so I probably would not spend the extra money for the countertop stuff if I did this project again.

cast concrete pavers DIY garden projects

This little gem was cast from a bottle of "Simply Grapefruit" juice. Let me just stop right here and tell you that if you try this project you will never look at your recyclables in the same way. It didn't take long for all the interesting shapes, textures and designs found on plastic containers started to jump out at me. This was no exception. Wouldn't these make a lovely little garden border? I think so!

concrete garden globe DIY

We also took on this project that has been circulating on Pinterest. It was super easy and I love the way it turned out.
concrete garden globe projects

My boys like to take out the sidewalk chalk on draw on our new garden globe which is fine with me. It lets us change it up and adds some color and creativity to our garden. Now I just need to scout out some more glass globes at the thrift store so I can make a little set of these.

DIY garden projects with poured concrete

There were a few more little pieces that the kids made with silicon molds and mandarin orange cups. This is going to be one of the confession projects that lives on past it's designated month because I have ideas for even more things to cast and I of course I have a half bag of concrete left as well. Fun, easy, perfect for Summer - I am going to call this one a success.


Kelly said...

I tried this project once and did not have very good results. I see that you used countertop concrete. I wonder if that is the difference. I followed Martha Stewart's hypertufa recipe that includes peat moss and they didn't stay together at all. I may be trying this again next spring!

Corinne said...

The countertop concrete is really nice - very smooth and pretty. It just costs a lot more than the regular which is too bad. I am curious to see how these hold up over the harsh Minnesota Winter. If you try it again let me know how it turns out!