Monday, August 31, 2015

i get a kick out of gardening

Okay is this hilarious or what? Who knew a vegetable garden could inspire so many giggles or turn up so many surprises?
I think Adam had to think twice about munching on this one - it seemed to have too much of a personality to eat it for dinner.... but we managed to do it anyway.

My garden has been tons of fun this year. It helps to have a near perfect growing season (that is what the local experts are calling it anyway). Now there is talk around the house of doubling the garden's size next year. Do you think we can handle it?? I am sure that by April we will be so ready to take on a challenge like that.

Of course this week we are scrambling to find ideas for what to do with all our tomatoes. These babies were roasted up this morning for a cherry tomato sauce. Most of it went in the freezer but I did sample some for lunch - yum! Thank goodness for neighbors who are nice enough to take a few of these off our hands and for Pinterest for helping me find temping possibilities like this and this and this

I would love to hear how your garden did this year!

As I mentioned in my ONLY other post this month - it is TOUGH to get to the blog during the summer months but I hope to be here more often once school kicks into gear again. I have a craft confession to share this week too - it's a good one!

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