Tuesday, September 29, 2015

craft confession - september - micro macrame

micro macrame owl

Whooooo is ready to find out what this month's craft confession is? 
It's micro macrame! This little guy is the final result and I am okay with how he turned out. 

micro macrame owl

I have a craft challenge for you now. Watch this micro macrame tutorial and try to NOT think, "oh yeah, I can TOTALLY do this, it looks so easy and beautiful" That's what I thought when I watched it. Well... it was a little tougher than it appeared and this guy is actually owl attempt number 6 or 7 - I lost count. He still could use some improvement but overall he does make me smile when I see him and he looks WAY better than owl number 1. I hoped to try some bracelet or necklace patterns this month but didn't quite get there. As you can see I have about 5 miles of cord left so I think I will have the materials needed for a future project, don't you?

Why micro macrame? My twin sister was actually the macrame pro growing up and she could knock out a toothbrush holder or plant hanger in no time. It was fun to see what she could create with just some knots. My sisters and I were also fans of the friendship bracelet back in the day too so I had some experience with some of the techniques. I was also drawn to the completely hands on aspect of this project. It's good for me to be pulled from the computer and besides watching the tutorial (again and again and again) I kept myself in the tangible world for this project.

I hope you will find yourself getting your hands dirty with a creative endeavor this month too!


Sandra F. said...

I love it Corinne! x

Corinne said...

Thanks Sandra! :D