Thursday, October 1, 2015

calavera cat

dia de los muertos calavera cat

If I never embroider just for fun then embroidery isn't going to be fun anymore, right? That's what this guy was all about - stitching for fun. He was never intended to go in the shop, this was a pattern I made for newsletter subscribers and I usually don't embroider examples of those. But I found myself having a blast stitching him up anyway when I probably should have been doing shop work.
dia de los muertos calavera embroidery

I just couldn't help myself. I HAD to see what he would look like all decked out in embroidery floss. So, I picked some super bright colors for the face (I know, I know, except for that light aqua and red I have strayed outside of my color comfort zone, haven't I?) Then I picked some white and grays for the floral border. I wanted a bony/skeletal look for that part and I hoped the face would stand out more if it didn't have to compete with the border.

dia de los muertos calavera pattern

And before I knew it he was ready for his premiere on So September. But I suppose it's back to work now. I have some new offerings I need to finish up before the holiday season really starts to kick in. I hope to be back soon to share those!


Hattie Hen said...

That's beautiful Corinne!

Holly U said...

I wools love to stitch this! Is there a way I can get the pattern?

Corinne said...

Thanks so much everyone! :)
Holly, watch for me in your email *wink*

the curator said...

I'd love the pattern too! I want to make one to honor my kitty! Can you email me one?

Corinne said...

Hi and thank you!! If you would like to send me a convo via my Etsy shop with your email address I can send out a link to this pattern download. :)