Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Craft Confession October

I warned you this was going to happen WAY back in early 2012 I checked out a book at my local library and did a bit of swooning and then returned it. And wouldn't you know it - I snatched that baby right back up again as soon as an opportunity presented itself. My Crafting Confession series gave me an excuse to try out a craft that caught my eye all those years ago- needlepoint.

As you can see it's not a gigantic leap from embroidery but there are a lot of differences. And I should probably add before I get much further - please don't judge needlepoint by what you see here. I really didn't get too far and there is such an amazing world beyond this - you should really check it out!

What I was able to do was to try out a few of the stitches. What you see here are all of my second or third attempts at a stitch. It seems I always had to screw it up before I could get it right. But that's okay, really. Once you get the swing of a stitch it is really relaxing and fun to see the textures and patterns come together. 

Are you wondering how I could mess up something that looks so basic? Don't worry, I am wondering that too! It was just a matter of having the counts right. I would complete a row and then when a second row didn't line up I would see I was off by one square or something silly like that. You have to watch that kind of thing closely with needlepoint. The good news is that it's easy to back track and fix things once you realize where you were "off."

I stuck with embroidery floss because I have millions of miles of it on hand but you can achieve a huge variety of looks using different fibers and canvases. I recommend needlepoint to anyone who is drawn to textures, interesting color combinations and geometric designs. It's a craft that lets you explore and make the most of all of those. I hope that, in spite of my humble trials here, you can see the potential. Would I do this craft again? Yes!

November is going to be a tough one folks. It's my busiest month in the shop and finding extra time for laundry can be tough, let alone crafting for fun. I have come this far though and I don't want to quit now. All I ask is that you keep your expectations, like, super low, okay? I am going to do my best. 

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