Thursday, February 2, 2017

Cozy up with a good book

Hello! Here we are in the deep dark heart of Winter (unless you are lucky enough to be somewhere in the southern hemisphere - yes I AM jealous). As I walked back from the mailbox this morning every part of me that was not covered was screaming to go back inside. These are the days when the wind is actually painful.

The good news is that this is also a GREAT time of year to cozy up with some good reads. I want to share one with you today called "Boho Embroidery: Modern Projects from Traditional Stitches" by Nichole Vogelsinger. First for a disclosure - one of the patterns from my Booksmart pattern set makes a small cameo in this book and Nichole was nice enough to say some really sweet things about it as she wrote about seeking out meaningful patterns for your projects. Thanks Nichole! But today I want to share some of the OTHER reasons I loved this book.

The ideas here are bright and fresh and one cannot help but be cheered just looking at them. Anyone who loves fabric and pattern will enjoy flipping through these pages as their creative wheels start turning. This book will make you look at your fabric stash in a whole new light.

Are you someone who loves to embroider but you are not always sure what to do with your embroidery projects - how to frame them in new ways or turn them into a unique gift? This book has plenty of inspiration for you. Good news guys - there are so many more options than just the round wooden hoop! 

I often hear from people who tell me that they are picking up hand embroidery again after having not done it for years. They are looking for a refresher on the basics as well as ideas for projects that go beyond traditional applications and motifs. For those people I cannot recommend this book enough. Nichole looks at hand embroidery with a fresh vision that is displayed beautifully in this book. Go on, check it out!

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