Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Announcing, "Solar Flair"

Solar System Planets Embroidery pattern for hand embroidery by SeptemberHouse

It's been too long since I have posted here but I can assure you that I have NOT fallen off the face of the earth... or wait, have I? 

Solar Flair Space Embroidery Patterns for Hand Embroidery by SeptemberHouse

From the looks of this new pattern collection one might think just that. I'm calling this new set "Solar Flair" and as you have surely guessed it is inspired by outer space and all the wonder and mystery to be found there.

Astronaut Embroidery Pattern Space Embroidery by SeptemberHouse

The space bug has bitten me pretty hard lately. Between the discovery of brand new planets, to a dear friend venturing closer to the stars than anyone I have ever known, to a new obsession with Ray Bradbury, setting my sights beyond this planet has been one of my favorite pastimes of 2017.

space embroidery patterns by SeptemberHouse

I don't know about you but in the past few months I have sought ways to step back and try to gain some perspective and to see a bigger picture. Is there any better place to find that than by gazing at the stars?  It seemed only natural to pull out the sketchbook and the flossbox to see where this latest preoccupation would take me. 

Rocket Embroidery Pattern Space Theme Embroidery by SeptemberHouse

Where it took me is what you see here. Four new designs to be stitched up for friend or for your very own stellar self. I kept it pretty straightforward and framed these up in hoops but I love the idea of using these to embellish pillows and totebags. I also think they might be a fun addition to a space themed nursery or kid's room. 

Thanks so so much for taking a peek at these new patterns. I hope your next embroidery project takes you beyond your wildest dreams! 


Julie Huffman said...

Oh Corinne, These are so lovely I'm speechless. And as you know, that is quite an accomplishment. Just wow. And I seriously don't know which one I love the most...your "dear friend" wants them all!!

Corinne said...

Thanks Julie! Keep the inspiration coming - I'll stitch it up ;) I should probably update this post with a link to the article about your flight so readers can find out what I am talking about. Then they can fun following along with it just like I am.