Thursday, July 6, 2017

vacation whaaaatttt??

I can hardly believe it myself but it's true - we actually took a family vacation this summer. A week-long escape from the everyday. Well, not a complete escape - I brought embroidery along of course.

There was a LOT of driving but with the help of screens, embroidery, audio books, some nice scenery, novelty, peanut butter filled pretzels and good company, we all did surprising well in that car for all those miles. 

We started our adventure in Estes Park Colorado where we met up with more family. The photo above shows the view driving into Estes and it gets better as you drive on, believe it or not. Wow what a place. 

After enjoying a few days with family and hiking a bit through the mountains we said good-bye to Colorado and headed to South Dakota where we stopped to see these four friends. 

The last day of the trip was spent in Badlands National Park which, like Colorado, is breathtaking. 

If you have kids that love to climb and jump around it is also a really fun place to visit (and also a little scary when you see some of the steep drop offs and signs warning of rattlesnakes in the area). 

I spent most of my time clicking and clicking away with the camera knowing all along that no picture I could take would really capture the beauty here.

It was good to get away and it was good to come home but what I am most grateful for was the time spent with family and the chance to see even just a small portion of the unbelievable natural wonders this country has to offer.