Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New Iron On Embroidery Pattern Collections now available

Today I'm so excited to share a quick shop announcement. Two more SeptemberHouse embroidery pattern collections are now available in iron-on transfer format. Happy Houseplants and Il Circo are now on the shop shelves!

Happy Houseplants features mix and match patterns so you can create fun combinations of flower pots and greenery. There are over 200 different possible combinations! 

In addition to the mix and match patterns there are three more patterns included as well. This collection is going to keep any stitcher busy!

Il Circo is a SeptemberHouse favorite. It's been off the shelf for a while as it received an upgrade but now it's back in Iron-on format.

This collection is inspired by vintage Italian Circus trains. Included in the set is a circus train engine and three additional train car designs. These can be stitched in a row or framed individually. 

There is a lot of room for customization with this collection - use whichever cars you like in your project and put them in any order you like. Two more circus themed patterns are included as well.

You can find these iron-on pattern collections at SeptemberHouse on Etsy or over at Handmade Amazon. If you need more than one set of patterns don't forget the 2 for $13 option. Thanks for taking a peek at these new offerings today!

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Lee said...

I love both sets!