Wednesday, February 7, 2018

new for 2018

Just because I have been quiet doesn't mean I haven't been busy these days, I swear. I always feel extra motivated after the holidays are over and I tend to shift into creation mode adding new items to the shop as quickly as I can. I have just a few to share today but more are still in the works.

First up is the addition of the Wind & Water embroidery pattern collection to the Iron On Transfer category. There are now 8 different pattern collections available in both digital AND iron on format. Iron-Ons make transferring patterns to fabric so easy so I love offering this option to people who dread transferring (like me!).

butterfly needle minder septemberhouse

I also added two new designs to the needle minder category so there are now 6 available options for these fun tools. I decided to go sweet and salty with these by creating a subtle and graceful butterfly and bold and edgy skull. I feel like I have both of those sides to my personality and maybe you do too. Now I can match my minder to my mood!

skull needle minder septemberhouse
Thanks for checking out these new guys from SeptemberHouse! Watch for more updates this Spring.

needle minders cross stitch embroidery septemberhouse

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