Sunday, April 5, 2009

reversible flowerpot wrap tutorial

Well, I pulled together my photos and some instructions to share for the reversible flowerpot wrap. The pattern is for a 4 inch terracotta pot. These instructions just show how to make it using two fabrics without any extra embellishing but they would be lovely with a little something extra like some embroidery or beadwork for example. Just be sure to do that part before you cut out your pattern pieces - it will just be easier that way. You can trace your pattern piece onto your fabric first so that you can place your embellishing exactly where you want it to be on your wrap.

Before I start with the 'how-tos' let me just add that this is an easy project that would be great for beginner sewers. The trickiest part is sewing around the curves but as long as you take it slowly they shouldn't be a problem. Hopefully you will find it to be a FUN project too - I know I do!

You will need: two different fabrics (you only need about an 11x5 inch piece of each so this is a great way to use up scraps!), two lengths of ribbon about 6 inches each. I like this thin grosgrain because it's a little grippier and comes in lots of great colors, a small piece of lightweight interfacing, and a printout of the wrap pattern.


Cut out the pattern piece along the black outer line, pin it to one of your fabrics and cut out your fabric piece. Turn the pattern piece over and repeat this step for the other fabric.
Cut out your interfacing using the inner line as a guide (you can either cut the pattern piece out and pin it to the interfacing as a guide or trace it and cut it if you like).
tip: If you are tracing the pattern onto your interfacing you can also transfer your stitching endpoint indicators and ribbon placement indicators - this is really helpful in the next steps.

Follow the instructions that came with your interfacing -you saved those, right? and iron the interfacing to the wrong side of one of your fabrics.

Place your two fabrics right sides together and pin. Place the ribbon pieces on each end of the wrap where indicated.
Stitch all the way around the wrap - except between the two dots - you will need that open space for turning the wrap right side out again.Trim your seam allowances (except between the two dots) and turn right side out. Use a small tool (like the end of a capped pen or something similar) to gently push out the seams along the curves.
Notice in this picture how the curve on the left side has been gently pushed out and the one on the right side has not - see what a difference it makes?

Press your wrap tucking in the seam allowance for the segment between the two dots. Pin this segment.

Topstitch around the wrap catching the seam allowance between the two dots. Try to stitch about 1/8 - 1/4 inch or so from the edge. Take it slow on the curves for best results.
Guess what? You're done!
Tying the wrap on can be a little bit awkward and it really helps if you have a little helper to lend a finger for holding your knot down.

Enjoy! If you have any questions about this pattern or have trouble with any part of the process please let me know!

Please stop over at my new flickr group and share photos of your reversible flowerpot wrap. Or check out what others have made with this or other So September patterns and tutorials.
It's a great place to find inspiration or inspire other crafters!