Tuesday, November 9, 2010

i approve

So, here's some newsEven if the flakes haven't flown yet (even up in Minnesota) they have been at SeptemberHouse since July. I was somehow lucky enough to be asked by Etsy to participate in a DIY feature for Good Housekeeping Magazine! It is finally on newsstands today so I can share a bit about the experience. I've been keeping it under wraps for 4 months now and that wasn't easy, lemme tell ya.

The idea for the feature is actually very cool. Good Housekeeping is celebrating their 125th year so they went back through the years and chose some craft projects from the past. That's when Etsy came into the picture. Good Housekeeping wanted some updated versions of these older projects so they partnered with Etsy to make it happen. I was asked to update an embroidered blanket project
from 1939. What a fun challenge it was. There were lots of revisions along the way and a few other bumps along the way (including but not limited to: getting a house ready to sell and moving at the same time) but in the end I think it turned out to be a really nice article full of beautiful projects and I am so glad to be a part of it. My project can be found on the Good Housekeeping website. The patterns for the snowflakes are there so hey, free pattern folks. Or, if you are feeling more ambitious you can make the whole blanket.
And now back to the weather...
I had to break out the Old Timey Christmas station on Pandora this morning to try to get into the Christmas spirit. People are wearing shorts here - in November - it's just nutty! So, even though it doesn't feel like the holiday season at all I'm trying to get my jingle on anyway. Anyone have snow yet??


Wendy said...

Those are beautiful. And yes, we had our first snow today, though it isn't sticking.

Melissa Crowe said...

It's lovely! Congrats, my dear!

Glenda said...

Very exciting, Corinne!! Those are beautiful. Will that be in a regular monthly issue or a special holiday issue, do you know?

We tend to be in shorts around here on and off until January, when the really cold weather finally settles in =).

Meadowlark said...

I love snowflakes and love free patterns!

Even more, I love that it's snowing outside as we speak. :)

Cheryl G. said...

Very exciting!
Love the blanket!
LOVE the snowflakes!
I love free patterns too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, beautiful snowflakes!! They make me super happy and excited for winter! Love them!

A Peppermint Penguin said...

Congratulations, it's lovely!

Corinne said...

Thanks everyone for all the happy messages :)

I'm sorry to say, Glenda, that you won't find it in any printed issues - I just made the cut for the website. But do check out the magazine, the rest of the projects are so cute!

Kimberly said...

It's beautiful! Oh your stitching is so delicate and perfect. Congratulations!

Lisa said...

OoOoh, so pretty! i love snowflakes and have been keeping an eye out for some pretty ones for Christmas. These are perfect! Congratulations on the Good Housekeeping article! That must have been hard to keep under your hat, well done!

Oh, and guess what! We have snow already... and in Northern California nonetheless!

Get that jingle moving, Christmas is on it's way :o)~