Tuesday, May 8, 2018

2019 Calendars are here

2019 DIY Fabric Calendars for hand embroidery by SeptemberHouse

I could not be happier now that Spring has finally made it's way to Minnesota. I wish I could stay frozen in this time of year for at least six months. Which is why it pains me just a little to start talking about the end of the year.

2019 Fabric Calendars for hand embroidery by SeptemberHouse

I'm going to do it anyway though because it's good news that I have to share today. The 2019 calendar kits have hit the store shelves and are ready to be embellished with all your favorite embroidery stitches! There is a brand new floral design on this new calendar that I think will be really fun.

2019 DIY Fabric Calendars for hand embroidery by SeptemberHouse

One of my design goals for these was to incorporate lots of spaces that could be easily filled with whatever filling stitch was chosen (or would stand up on their own even without filling them in). 
I know from my own experience that I sometimes shy away from filling an area that seems to large for filling (I can never get my satin stitch right if my stitches have to span more than 1/2 inch, I swear). Somehow having those spaces broken up a little helps me keep them tidier and I like that.
2019 Fabric Calendars embroidery kit by SeptemberHouse

So, while this calendar that I am stitching is still a work in progress, I feel like I have enough time to get it finished up before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. If you are thinking about taking on this project too, you can check out these kits at SeptemberHouse on Etsy or on Amazon

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