Friday, November 8, 2019

Fun Fact

Hi all,
Just popping in to make the happy announcement that So September has been nominated for a "Craftie" by the oh-so lovely folks at LoveCrafts.

The Craftie awards recognize creative bloggers and give readers a chance to show their love too. There are several fun categories like "Motivated Multicraft" and "Noteworthy Knitting" and nominees were chosen from all over the world so this is BIG!

You can pop over and vote or just have fun browsing through all the top-notch blogs. If you want to cast a vote for So September, please do (and thank you!). Believe me, I was very surprised to learn of my nomination - especially when I saw some of the amazing nominees in the "Stylish Stitching" category such as Little Dear, Wild Olive and Needle n' Thread! Sheesh - those are blogs I've gone to for years for inspiration and guidance - I would never expect to make it onto a list like this with them.

It takes a huge amount of work to create and maintain a blog so it's so encouraging to see an award like this one making the rounds in the craftiverse. Good luck to all the nominees and keep up the inspiring work!

voting ends November 18th!

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