Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Easier Embroidery Pattern Transfer

I've never heard an embroiderist say "My favorite part of the project is transferring the pattern!" Have you? Even though it's widely accepted as a necessary hassle, it's still worth looking for any way the process can be made easier. Here's a trick I have been using for a few years and now I'm adding it as an option with SeptemberHouse digital downloads.

This tip makes transferring patterns with an iron-on transfer pen/marker easier. I love the fine tip transfer pens from Sublime Stitching so much that they have replaced my previous favorite transfer method. The fine tip makes your tracing so much more precise than the clumsy transfer pencils I had previously tried to use. The ink transfers beautifully and I certainly don't miss pulling out bits of stabilizer after I am done stitching which is what I used to do with every project.  

So, here's the thing - downloaded embroidery patterns are often presented with black linework. That works great for most transfer methods. When I started exploring iron-on transfer pens, I started printing pattern designs in colored linework so that when I was tracing over them I could see where I was. This is great if you are able to do your tracing without any interruptions - but it's just plain awesome if you do happen to get interrupted in the process. Looking at the side-by-side photos above, would you be able to see where you left off if you had to put down your project to answer the front door/pull dinner out of the oven/catch the last scene of the show you are binge watching - if your pattern was printed in black?

Is this an earth-shattering revelation? No, but anything that gets us through the transfer process faster must be shared with fellow stitchers, in my opinion. Because this has worked so well for me, I'm including colored linework versions in my new embroidery pattern downloads. If you have any tips for making pattern transfer less painful please feel free to share them in the comments!

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