Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Iron-On Refresh

iron on transfer projects by SeptemberHouse
Iron-on transfers for embroidery have been around for generations and they are still a favorite for both experienced and novice stitchers. But did you know that they can be used for more than just embroidery?

I used an iron-on transfer to spruce up this little gift box and I just love the way it turned out. 

Here's how I did it:

iron on embroidery patterns

I opted for one of the butterfly designs in the Kaleidoscope collection. Iron-on transfers can usually be used over again for several projects (though the lines become more faint with each use). Even if you have used a design for an embroidery project, it can have a new life for a project like this.

I started by cutting out the design I planned to use and left a border of approximately 3/8 in. around the outside. I turned it face down on the box lid and used some very small bits of tape to help keep it in place. One thing I learned the hard way - this cardboard lid has some give to it, so when I first tried to iron on my pattern, my iron plate was losing contact with the lid. I ended up turning the bottom of the box upside down and I fit the lid on top of that. That gave it the extra support it needed and I was good to go.

Using high heat iron setting with no steam worked best for me and within just a minute or two I had transferred my design to my box lid. 

Then it was time to paint. Nothing fancy here - I just used craft acrylics and the smallest brush I could find in my stash. Yes, there were some tight spots here but if you enjoy detail work you will find this to be a relaxing and fun challenge. I did! This is definitely a "podcast project"- easy to complete in an hour or so while listening to a single episode of whatever you like to listen to.

iron on embellishments for DIY craft projects

Pretty cute, right? I like the look of the light colored paint on a kraft background but you can use iron-ons on other surfaces like wood too. I actually had a tough time deciding what to embellish for this tutorial. A box like this one is fun and practical but I love these wood pennants, photo frames and paper maché ornaments too. There's so much potential with a technique like this one.

So, don't forget to hang on to those iron-on transfers - you might just find the perfect fabric-free project for them. Thanks for checking out this tutorial and if you are on the hunt for cute iron-on transfers you can find SeptemberHouse iron-on patterns on Etsy and Amazon.  


Jody said...

How cute! I would love to get a present in a box like this. Definitely better than wrapping paper.

Corinne said...

Thanks Jody! I definitely like the re-usability of this too :)