Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New Needle Minder Designs Have Arrived

I've been keeping myself busy with some new design work lately and wanted to be sure to share a couple of the new additions to the needle minder collection at SeptemberHouse.

Needle Minder Crab Design from SeptemberHouse

Because I live, and have always lived in the Midwest, nautical and coastal themes are usually not on my radar screen but I thought I would branch out a bit and have a go at a crab design. Crabs have such a cool shape and I was excited about seeing how they could be embellished. I am so happy with how this turned out and I just know I'll be exploring more ocean-y ideas in the future.

Needle Minder Floral Design from SeptemberHouse

 And speaking of fun, this new floral design was a joy to create. I started out kind of rigid with it - trying to get it to look like my other flower designs...but also not quite. Those vague parameters started stressing me out and I decided to just throw out the rules and let this one become whatever it wanted to be. That's when things got interesting. I love the imaginative, other-worldly quality of this one and I am so glad to add it to the other floral offerings - even if it doesn't necessarily "fit" with the other designs. 

More new items on on their way including a new needlecase design. I can't wait to share that one too!

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