Monday, March 8, 2021

Say It With Stitches

Alright, time to 'fes up - were you one of those kids who couldn't wait to go back-to-school shopping in the fall? I admit it, I was. There's just something about a stack of fresh notebooks and folders that makes me so happy. What would fill all those pages over the coming year? You never knew for sure, but it was fun to imagine.

That gleeful anticipation was one of the motivations behind a new series of fabric panels at SeptemberHouse called "Flossy Folios". Just like those blank paper pages we all know and love, these panels are ready to be embellished with all the doodles, poems, quotes and enlightening revelations that once inspired you to put pen to paper.

Five different styles (notebook, legal pad, graph paper, writing practice paper and dot grid) are available to get you started on your paper-inspired project.  

embroidered magnet
(having a little fun with my leftover scraps)

Another motivation for these came from my recent interest in hand lettering. It's everywhere these days and although I hoped to resist the urge to try it myself (heaven knows I don't need another crafty distraction 😊), I couldn't help but be tempted to at least dip my toes into this popular trend. I knew I needed something that would help me bridge the gap between my fledgling lettering skills and my tried and true love for embroidery. I'm happy to say, I think these fit that bill.

(here's a fun bit of history about this quotation)

There are about a million quotes, sayings and funny little somethings that I love so I, personally, will never run out of ideas for embellishing these guys. 

(decided to convert this into a mini banner. I think it turned out so cute!)

These panels are what I consider a "project starter" - they are sold blank so they can be personalized however one likes. In case you need a jump start though, every purchase includes a link to a free digital download which contains the patterns for all the examples seen in my listings plus a color and stitch guide. Also included are links to directions for transferring patterns to fabric AND an ever-expanding inspiration board brimming with ideas for these panels and beyond.

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